Fundamental Concepts and Prerequisites For Competition

Dec 18th 2018 in News

I was fortunate enough to spend many years competing in the sport of wrestling and was blessed to coach at the college level for over ten years, two as an NCAA Division I Head Coach.  When my wife, Annie and I started having children about ten years ago, we felt God was leading us to pursue […]

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Recommended Pre-requisites for Competition

Dec 15th 2018 in News

Motor Development and Body Awareness: Length of mat bear crawl and crab walk (basic strength and core stability) Proficiency at forward and backward rolls – proper body mechanics, especially neck Proficiency at dive forward roll to feet– kinesthetic awareness Front and Back Bridging (without hands) – for time Clock walking and hip heist mechanics  Forward […]

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First Year Wrestling Mom

Nov 13th 2018 in News

First Year Wrestling Mom First time wrestling moms…I see you.  It can be overwhelming, emotional, dizzying, and scary; especially if you are not familiar AT ALL with this sport.  No matter your familiarity with the world of wrestling, it’s always hard when it’s your baby on that mat.  Just know that you are not alone and we have […]

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