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WCWC at Franklin High School

Oct 29th 2019 in News

Williamson County Wrestling Club is growing! We are proud to announce we have a second location and offer the same AAU wrestling experience in Franklin, TN as we offer in Thompsons Station, TN at our home Independence High School location. WCWC will have on-site registration on October 29th. Coaches Ken Friedl, Jason Minor, and Michael […]

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Why Kids Should Wrestle

Sep 10th 2019 in News

Inclusivity – Wrestling is the most inclusive sport on the planet. Tall, short, fat, lean, athletic, uncoordinated, big, or small, the sport allows for techniques and tactics where almost anyone can be successful.  The sport can be easily taught in groups of participants of similar size and experience or by blending various experience levels together […]

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First Year Wrestling Mom

Nov 13th 2018 in News

First Year Wrestling Mom First time wrestling moms…I see you.  It can be overwhelming, emotional, dizzying, and scary; especially if you are not familiar AT ALL with this sport.  No matter your familiarity with the world of wrestling, it’s always hard when it’s your baby on that mat.  Just know that you are not alone and we have […]

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